Cabin Creek – Big Creek Expedition, Day Five, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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We learned the previous evening that the weather was going to close in Saturday so our scheduled flight out was moved up 24 hours to Friday evening. We knew that the
East Team might need some help finishing up their section so we prepared for a long hard work day. Check out John’s Trip report here if you have not already:

It was a very cold morning at the Cabin Creek Airstrip and the sun did not come up over the hill until after 9:00.

We headed out before the sun hit camp so we were all cold and anxious to find a sunny spot lower in the canyon.


After a bit of work and some hiking we stoped to shed jackets and enjoy a moment in the warmth of the sunshine.

Every break included a tick check! We eventually learned how to be efficient when doing a tick check!

Crosscut saw!

Log rolling!

About lunch time we had worked 3.5 miles and found the East Team’s camp. They had left us a note indicating that they worked back the other direction.

After lunch, another cut near The East Teams’s camp.

It wasn’t long before both teams were together again for the obligatory ITA Trail Crew photo! From left to right, Gary, Tom, John, Other Tom (Who is also CEO of the ITA), Ian, Mark, Nathan, and Dave.

We grabbed all the tools and left the East Team to break their camp. It was obvious that the weather was starting to change.

Showers started right as the East Team returned to the airstrip.

Check in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to this ITA trail project.

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