Cabin Creek – Big Creek Expedition, Day Three, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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On day three we woke up to a beautiful cool morning, newly refreshed to take on the tick onslaught….. and do a little trail maintenance. Make sure to check out John’s trip report here: For those of you not familiar with my web site and the association with John’s web site, I concentrate mostly on painting a picture of the scene with few pictures of people and even fewer details about the nuts and bolts of the trip. John does a fine job outlining the details and I fill in the background. Go to John’s web site for the same trip but a totally different prospective.

In the distance the snow caped mountains above camp and Big Creek.

Big Creek is really more of a small river but somehow that doesn’t sound as cool.

Wildelife! Everyone has been asking me about the wildlife back here in the wilderness. Although we have seen a lot of signs of wildlife, we don’t see much. I’m guessing between the noise of the tools, talking, and the now ripe smell of Team A, wildlife had plenty of time to avoid us! These grouse however were plentiful and good for a start every once in a while.

Work! It was right after this moment that I dropped my camera and broke the lens…. a bummer but one of the hazards of doing adventure photography. I was now converted form expedition photographer to trail crew workman!

Luckily, I had my backup camera (iPhone) in camp and another lens stashed at the airstrip so come back tomorrow for further documentation of the expedition.

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