Cabin Creek – Big Creek Expedition, Day Two, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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The next day we were up early, our goal, to hike all the way to Monumental Bridge and start working trail back to the airstrip.

It was much cooler today and we dealt with a little wind, rain, light snow, sunshine, and ticks, lots and lots of ticks!

Carrying full packs and work tools made for slow going.

The views along Big Creek were amazing!

A trail intersection, to the right Cold Meadows, straight ahead, Monument Bridge. This link is an image of us hiking the top of this trail in a trip to Cold Meadows last year: That full trip report is here:

After a few hours, we arrive at Acorn Creek and an old abandon airstrip (center image). We set up camp here and pressed on the final 3.5 miles to the Monument Bridge with just tools in hand.

After lunch, the skies broke and we had a nice sunny day. Did I also mention the ticks?

Monument Bridge!

We all took a moment to celebrate the 12 mile trip completed from the airstrip. From left to right, Tommy, Dave, Gary, and John. We referred to our self as the “A” team!

Time to go to work! No power tools here, this is the wilderness baby!!!

After a full day, we settled in back at camp. A total of about 12 miles covered for the day, 3.5 of which involved trail work.

The Day 3 report, coming soon!

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