2021 Adventures! Le Monde!

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Greetings Davefaitlemonde followers, please don’t fret! Several of my followers have been contacting me wondering about the lack of recent posts. My apologies, I’m back in Texas enjoying a little warm weather vacation and resting up before the 2021 adventures start in earnest. Since my trip to Idaho I have been taking care of a few life related “housekeeping items” and planning the 2021 itinerary. With COVID on the retreat and me fully vaccinated its almost time to ROCK!

Here are a few adventures ahead. Starting in a couple weeks its Washington DC for a visit with Nicole, Greenville, South Carolina for a Cycling Camp, then the first of three week long fly-ins to the Frank Church Wilderness, this one is Cabin Creek…. all that occurs within the next 6 weeks. Other 2021 highlights include, A week-long trip to the Chamberlain Basin Area, a return to Cold Meadows, Nick Lake and Nick Peak, Squaretop Lake, another week long trip to the 7 Devils, Shiprock Lake, and I am sure a bunch of my old favorite hikes and peaks and probably a few new ones as well. Finally, after a two year absence, its a month long trip to Southern France this Fall. Allez! Allez! (Below is the image on my new favorite tee shirt.). Fasten your seat belts and put your tray tables in the fully upright and locked position, it all starts soon! Y’all come back!

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