Payette Point, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Payette Point is a local favorite and one I have done many times now. Here are a couple examples:

Right from the parking spot, things head up! The dogs took the lead but their enthusiasm soon diminished as the going was deep and hard. They soon fell behind us where the packed trail was much easier!

We each took turns at the front. While in the back, everyone was telling the leader which direction he should go….

After almost 2 hours, we approached the summit.

We had beautiful vistas!

We stopped our assent on a ledge just under the summit. The final technical push to the peak requires a couple of climbing moves that we decided were just a bridge too far on this winter day. Notice John’s hair in this image? He is starting to look like Harry Dunne!

Craig and Dakota soaking in the views.

Here is the view without people…. not bad! Looking South.

Finally, the decent took only about 30 minutes and was a pleasant stroll in our packed trail.

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