Kathy Lake Fail, Payette National Forest

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It all started out swimmingly this morning with a rather bold goal to visit Kathy’s Lake off the Twenty Mile Trail.  A seldom visited lake in the upper Loon Creek drainage.  It was raining lightly for the first couple miles but required an exposed ridge crossing into the Loon Creek drainage.  As we approached the summit things turned nasty with wind and lightning!!  We decided the best choice was to retreat and attempt this outing another day….



Ruby did not like the conditions either!


Duck Lake along the way.


After arriving back truck and feeling a little cheated as the hike was less than 5 miles, we agreed to have lunch and bag Payette Rock which was at a much lower elevation climb and on the way home.



In all, two hikes today, 8 miles and about 3000 feet of climb.  Not bad for a rainy morning in McCall!



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