Marge Lake and Paintbrush Peak, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John, Ruby, and I were out looking for a mellowish hike with some fishin and some peak baggin and some fightin…. See John’s trip report here:

After some text negotiation, we decided on Paintbrush Peak and Marge Lake, neither of which I had been too. That is Paintbrush Peak in the distance, the summit is on it’s left side.

After a little hiking, we arrived at Pearl Lake. Ruby sprung into model mode!

After a little bushwacking, we arrived at Marge Lake.

Right above Marge Lake is Rain Peak, a climb we had done a couple years ago. See that trip report here, it shows a great perspective of Marge Lake and Paintbrush Peak:

Soon the fishing poles were out and it was game on! Notice John’s power fishing stance!

Across the lake is our peak destination for later today. I knew is was only a matter of time and the lure of the peak would chip away at John’s desire to fish.

As predicted, we were soon on our way, looking back at Marge Lake and Rain Peak. Just a quick note here, often times we find a tree growing out of a rock like this one. John and I refer to these as “Rich” trees. Named after our friend Rich who is one of the toughest guys I know but has a big soft heart for trees growing out of rocks and 3 leg dogs!

What a gorgeous day!!!!! John soon had a raging case of Peak Fever causing me to suffer like crazy on the final 500 feet of elevation. This is the time of year where John’s climbing fitness “peaks” and anytime we get over about 8000 feet of elevation he walks away from me!

Not to worry, you can always find him later at the top of the mountain in his happy place!

Views galore!

Check out the lakes below, you can even pick out Payette Lake if you look far in the distance.

An amazing day with a hint of Fall!

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