Bear Pete – French Creek Loop, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Rich and I were looking for another all day epic ride and recalled a loop we did a few years ago, The nice thing about time is that you forget some of the hard parts and only remember the good times!

The ride starts off with a nice warmup from the French Creek Trailhead as we spin up the road to the Bear Pete Trailhead. Sections of this route are as good as Idaho single track gets.

Scenery, yeah, it has that. Notice the hint of Fall up here at 8000 feet. A little smokey but still breathtaking!

For the most part, it is continuous technical riding and the cumulative effect is a 6 hour full body beat down!


Here is a shot of Rich saying a little prayer for the flogging to stop!

It will probably take a couple years before we remember what a great ride this was!!!!!

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