Upper Duck Lake and Rain Peak, Payette National Forest

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Hiking with John, Tom, Cody, Cash, and Ruby.  See http://www.splattski.com for more trip details.

We started off on the Duck Lake Trail with is one of the more popular trails in the area but we soon veered off and were headed to parts few see!  Upper Duck Lake.




Looking back down our route. Great image as you can see Hum Saddle on the left, then moving right,  Lick Creek Canyon, and Cly Lake Saddle.


Bear sleeping on a rock near the summit of Rain Peak.  Notice the smoke started rolling in after a crystal clear morning.


Rain Peak group shot!  I volunteered to take the photo.


Tom getting too close to the edge!


The Platt brothers having a bonding moment.


Marge Lake below.


Looking south, with Brush Lake in the center and a small unidentified lake at the left edge.


Ruby and John at the top of the world!  This was Ruby’s 56th bagged peak of the year!


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