Coyote Springs Expedition (Episode 6, Conclusion), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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This entire trip, for various reasons, I had been unable to shoot night photography. Cold Meadows offers the perfect location and with no moon a very dark sky…… Unfortunately, the smoke dramatically cut down on visibly and made for weird night light…..

Ranger Station.

With tree illuminated,

Without tree illuminated,

Morning light on tree.

More smokey morning light.

This is the trail that comes up from the airstrip.

Our packs are staged up waiting for the morning flight home, yes, that is frost on the vegetation.

It’s like waiting for the cable guy….. sometime between 7:30 and ?

One final group shot with masks!

About 8:10, right as the sun rose over the mountain, voila!

Like everything else in a cyclist’s life, the flight home turned into a race, I was is the second plane and when I told my pilot that we needed to beat the other guys home, he passed them in the air and we landed first!!!!!

This was a hard but amazing trip with 5 other great dudes! It was an honor to be part of this work party! Thank you ITA and the National Forest Service for allowing us to be part of this important work!

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