Coyote Springs Expedition (Episode 5, the hike back to Cold Meadows), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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The next morning, we were up early and packed up for the long 12 mile hike with full packs back to the airstrip.

During last year’s expedition, we had cleared this trail all the way from the airstrip to Black Lake so we were hopeful that it was still fairly clear……..

We were wrong! We worked for a couple hours and cleared about one and a half miles of trail. With still another 10 plus miles back to the airport, we abandon the clearing and went to work getting back for our ride home the next morning.

So long Black Lake! Over the ridge we go back to Cold Meadows. In the distance is Cottonwood Mountain and the ridge we cleared trail.

Luckily, large portions of last year’s clearing project were holding up and travel was fairly easy.

Down along Cottonwood Creek, it is a far different environment that the 8000 plus foot tall ridge we had spent the last few days.

Lower Meadows

After a long day, we arrived back at the Cold Meadows Ranger Station and airstrip,

The smoke from far off fires make the skies hazy and the sun orange.

Come back soon for the conclusion of the Coyote Springs Expedition!

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