Coyote Springs Expedition, (Episode 3), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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Next morning we had a beautiful sunrise.

Here is a random photo of Barry horsing around with a nail stuck in his foot….. One thing I have learned about Barry is that he likes to pull your leg once in a while. The odds of getting something metal stuck in your foot out here is about a great as finding a needle in the Frank Church!

Tom fixed this sign with a nail that Barry found so he had something to hang his hat on!

We packed up our camp, saddled up our full packs, hiked the two or so miles to our tool stash and begin working towards our destination for the day, Black Lake.

Along the way we bagged Cottonwood Mountain and shot this picture of the unnamed lake below. We spotted an Elk below on one of the feeder ponds but with my wide angle lens was unable to pick him out.

A look back down the other direction and you can just make out Black Lake, about 6 trail miles and 2500 feet of elevation below us.

Lots of burned areas up here.

Downfall, yeah, there was downfall. Here are a few before and after cleaning photos…… Before




After a long day on the ridge, we stopped work and dropped about 1800 additional feet to our camp at Black Lake. This image is looking back up at the ridge we had cleaned which started at the top of the basin and worked off to the left.

A view looking back up the canyon wall we had just descended.

Episode 4 coming soon!

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