Coyote Springs Expedition, (Episode 2), Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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I realized that yesterday’s Episode 1 did not explain the nature of our expedition. Like last year’s trip to Cold Meadows, we were working with the Idaho Trails Association (ITA) in conjunction with the National Forest Service to maintain trails in the Frank Church Wilderness. The ITA is a non profit organization which works for the advocacy of Idaho’s Trails. They do great work and if you ever hike on a trail, you need to be a member of ITA! Check them out and please join here:

Check out John’s report here:

We were up the next morning knowing that the amount of trail work would likely increase, and indeed it did!

John took his role as supervisor very seriously!

At this point in our expedition, the trail we were working on was along the top of a ridge at nearly 9000 feet of elevation. The nearby peaks were not much higher than the trail so of course John called a work break and we did a little peak bagging!


It was a warm and muggy day, even at 9000 feet. There was lots of moisture in the sky making for cool photographs!

Our first view of Cottonwood Mountain which is a significant peak in these parts.

Cottonwood Lake below Cottonwood Mountain.

After a long day of trail work, we stashed our tools and returned back to Twin Lake which was a small lake along the trail. Earlier in the day, we had dropped our backpacks to make camp.

Episode 3 coming soon.

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