Campbell’s Ferry Conclusion, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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It rained a good amount during our last night so we woke up to overcast and drizzly conditions. It looked for a while like we might be staying there an extra night or two until the plane could come pick us up. See John’s full trip report here: Keep in mind that John has a full report on specific details of our trail findings. My report is more about the photography….as usual.

The conditions made for some interesting photography.

John and I decided to head down to the foot bridge across the river before breakfast. We grabbed our coffee and John headed down in his jammies and me with my camera.

This bridge now replaces the old ferry and is designed for pack strings and hikers. No motorized vehicles in this part of the world.

Rush hour at Campbell’s Ferry.

Everything was wet!

The Tims give historical tours to river rafters and hikers that come through. If you want a tour, ring the bell at the base of the ranch. Due to Covid-19, no tours until July 1st……at least.

Back to the cabin, breakfast and then it was time for work. We still had to explore possible routes across Trout Creek to complete our trail survey. We headed up the air strip. When I say up, I mean up. The landing strip is on a hill which goes up at about 20% grade! The mail box is along the edge so that when the mail plane lands once a week, it places the mail here.

After exploring potential Trout Creek Crossings for a couple hours, (We could have gone faster but John decided to take a swim and kick a rock with his shin) we were back at the cabin and preparing for the plane to arrive.

As it turns out, waiting for the plane is like waiting for the cable guy, he will be here “mid-afternoon”. I set up at the top of the runway and waited for about an hour to get these images.

With a heavy heart, we loaded up and headed back to civilization.

Finally, I wanted to thank John, Art and Jeff for making this trip happen and including me in the action, also the ITA and the US Forest Service for organizing the trip, and a big thanks to the Tims….Doug, Phillis, and River for hosting our expedition and sharing the wonderful stories and history of the area. Campbell’s Ferry is truly a Merciless Eden!!

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