Price Valley Peaks, Idaho County, Idaho

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John, Ruby and I headed for slightly lower elevations around New Meadows (Pronounced New Medders) to bag a couple of “Easy Peaks”. See John’s trip report here:

The going was fairly easy and since the peaks were low elevation and timbered, I was challenged for landscape photography.

Luckily, Ruby stepped in and provided content at the top of our first peak!

Flowers near the top of peak number 2. Although the views were pretty good off the top of this peak, I was shooting with my 14mm wide angle lens. It’s difficult to capture distant peaks through the trees with that equipment so I urge you to click over to John’s trip report. He carries a camera with a long zoom lens and does a great job with documenting long distance views.

As we headed down the mountain after the summit of peak number 2, the springtime skies threatened but only provided a couple of sprinkles. An application of a digital filter enhances the threat and makes for a more dramatic story!

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