Blue Gulch – Rapid River Loop, Idaho County, Idaho (Part 2)

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This hike turned out to yield a full net of images so I had to break it into two parts. Check out John’s trip report here if you haven’t already: As we crested over the ridge, the Seven Devil Mountains came into view. You can almost hear John humming the Sound of Music in this image.

Here is another angle and closeup of one of the Seven Devil Mountains.

Soon we were on the decent portion of our hike of which totaled about 9 miles.

We intersected the West Fork of Rapid River at McCray’s Cabin and had a nice trail for about 8 miles back to the car. Luckily, it was mostly down hill!

This is the Main Fork of Rapid River just downstream of the confluence with the West Fork

John and Ruby having a bonding moment on the Second Bridge

The Main Fork of the Rapid River as shot from First Bridge. Only about one mile left to the car but I was cooked!!!!

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