Blue Gulch – Rapid River Loop, Idaho County, Idaho (Part 1)

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John and I headed up to Rapid River near Riggins for a 16 mile loop John had in mind. See his trip report here: Despite it’s popularity, I have never done the Rapid River hike which is a springtime favorite for many in McCall.


After about a half mile on the main trial, we soon turned off on a John special “goat trail” which went straight up the mountain! This view looks down the Rapid River drainage. Just in sight is the fish hatchery were we parked.

Down low in the canyon, there were lots of spring flowers.

This is the Syringa which happens to be the Idaho State Flower. It has just starting to bloom.

As we climbed the canyon walls, we soon crossed several side creeks which all had lush riparian zones.

The filtered sun through the giant ponderosas provided spectacular lighting!

After climbing a goodly amount of time, we stoped for a lunch break (the first of several) and took in the sights and the warm sun.

Back on the moved we soon spotted a few elk which John documented in spectacular detail (see his web site link above).

Since I was shooting with my wide angle lens, John graciously provide me the image below. Click on it and zoom in for a view of the elk.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting conclusion of The Blue Gulch – Rapid River Loop!!!

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