Fat Biking, Jug Mountain Ranch, Idaho

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John was out of town so Ruby and I headed out on one of her favorite loops up at Jug Mountain.

The snow conditions were perfect for fat biking, hard packed snow after a brief day or two of warm weather. That is Jughandle Mountain on image right.

As many of my blog followers know, Ruby is my favorite model. She loves to pose for the camera and is quite good at it. She does however have little patients for inexperienced photographers and will only give you her best shot for a few seconds and then she moves on. Your camera settings must be ready before you call her to the scene!

Like most good product models, notice how she never makes eye contact with the camera.

Here, she is giving me her attitude pose.

This girl love to run! Usually when we hike or bike, John leads the group and Ruby is usually out smelling the smells and frolicking around the forest. However, with John out of town, Ruby takes over the leadership role. Although this is a route I have done many times on skis and on the bike, Ruby stays much closer and makes sure I don’t miss turns. At one point we ventured off on a route she rarely uses and it was pretty clear that she was unhappy with the variation. She reluctantly followed me out until we turned around then she was back on the front leading the way.

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