Something you don’t see every day, Payette Lake, McCall

One of my most frequently asked questions about Payette Lake is “How thick and strong is the ice?” To which my response is always that I don’t know and one should never trust it. Although it is quite cold here, we get tons of snow and the snow insulates and softens the lake’s surface ice. Here we are in the dead of winter and it’s been very cold over the last week…..

I apologize for the millennials comment, I work very hard to make this blog non controversial. Although, I must say that when it comes to making vehicular decisions in the wintertime, it’s not controversial to say that people born from around 1981 to 1996 do not made good ones….. pick any day in May and make a trip up Lick Creek Road if you need conformation of that statement. Turns out the vehicle in the video was some sort of converted tracked Jeep or something, The chopper never lifted it but just dragged it back to shore. One final note on this video, you might notice that there are ski tracks along the lake edge. Those are mine from the other day’s stick walk blog. I never ventured out very far from shore!

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