Here is an image from the lobby of our hotel.

When was the last time you saw one of these? They were everywhere! One of the things I enjoyed most about Cuba was the lack of cell phones. Everybody was actually talking to each other at the bus stops, in the stores, at restaurants, everywhere. It was refreshing….although I could not understand a word!

Interesting random plant.

Trying to find new ways to shoot these old cars! Once again, notice the self portrait?

This is something we saw everywhere in Cuba! Cars broken down on the side of the road, part of Cuban life!

Also something we saw everywhere in Cuba….. probably need to update the national electric code.

Strange red tree.

This is a door on an old church which was something exceedingly rare in Cuba. A remnant of the early Spanish influence in Havana.

This is a government food rationing center. Here is where Cubans go to get their monthly rations of rice, beans, etc. By the way, I know the man with the orange back pack and the lady standing next to him. They are two of the least socialist people I have ever met and they were fascinated by this food rationing center!

Parts of Havana look very European.

Parts of Havana look very Soviet.

This is old Havana, the original City dates back to the 16th century. This part of Havana is full of European tourists who have no restrictions on travel to Cuba.

Some final thoughts on Cuba: It is truly a land frozen in time. There are only limited ways Americans can visit Cuba right now but if you can find a way to get there, it’s a must see! The Cuban people are very friendly and its a very safe place to visit. No doubt the US travel restrictions will be lifted at some point and I can assure you that what exists there now will disappear very quickly, for better or worse!

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