Las Terrazas to Havana – Day 5

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Check out the shadows on this one! How did I do that?

Not many cars but plenty of livestock!

Here was my steed for the week!

This one is titled: “Big Tree, Old Car”

Here is a shinny black one. Notice the Russian made white car behind it.

Just a 90+ mile swim from here to Key West. 90 miles and 70 years!

Here is a pink one!

We took a tour of Havana in this convoy of classics!

This video shows a small portion of our trip around Havana. Ewe la la! Disco dancin!

The interior was pretty buff!

The Revolution Tower.

This Chevy had it’s original engine, we believe a 327, it sounded sweet!

We enjoyed a beautiful evening on our hotel’s rooftop overlooking the Capital.

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