A tribute to a fellow commuter, The Woodlands, Texas

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I want to post a blog today with a moment of silence and tribute to a fellow Yogi, Qiaolian Chen.

I did not know Qiaolian, in fact, I didn’t even know her name, I did however, know of her. She was from China and live here in Texas with her family, she spoke almost no English. Her and I were two of the only people that actually compute to the gym on our bikes and we always parked next to each other both in the same spot. Each Friday at noon, we take the noon yoga class there. After the gym class we occasionally meet up again at our bikes and say hi and goodbye until the next time we again made our commute to the gym. I loved seeing her bike and last February 12th, included it on one of my blog posts.

Although I did t know Qiaolian, I did have much respect for her. Commuting to the gym, living in a country far from her home and although she was older, she was frequently at the gym.

On Friday January 24, she made her normal Friday commute to the gym and we did yoga in the same class. I headed home without seeing her but her bike was there as usual. I found out much later that she was hit and killed by a car on her way home that day, less than a mile from the gym.

I will refrain from expressing the anger I feel towards the drivers in this area or the municipally of the Woodlands for not doing more to protect cyclists like Qiaolian, this is not the place.

Rest In Peace Qiaolian. I will think of you every Friday when I park my bike next to your space. All my condolences and best wishes to your family.

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