Les Terrazas, Cuba – Day 4

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This video is a pretty typical scene in the Cuban countryside.

Nice hill, with lots of palm trees!

These types of homes were scattered all over the countryside. Almost every home in the rural areas were the same although many had nice gardens surrounding them.

This is a small elementary school for this tiny village where we stopped. We visited the kids inside and it reminded my much of my classroom growing up in the early 70s. Not much technology but everything they needed to learn on an elementary level.

We met up with the Cuban National Masters team. Of course they had to hammer the American! I had my hands full using my rental tourist bike but I did not embarrass the George’s Masters! It was fascinating to hammer a pace line with these guys. Although they didn’t speak a word of English and I know almost no Spanish, the cycling communication was flawless. It was a pleasure to ride hard with the Cuban masters, we all have the same cycling blood and you could feel the connection.

Our hotel for the next few days. If you look closely, you can see James on the balcony. He was one of our outstanding guides.

A representative home in the Village of Las Terraza. Notice how they all look the same?

Village square.

Village medical clinic.

As the sun began to set, my iPhone photography ended and I began to miss the low light opportunities I would have had with my Sony!

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