Vinales to Las Terrazas, Cuba Day 3

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To this point in the trip, everything had been rolling along normally. Plenty of bike riding, lots of photography along the way, stopping wherever possible to shoot images of this unique country…. then a photography catastrophe happened! My beloved Sony camera succumbed to the nearly two years of pounding, yes, it croaked! Three France trips, Chile, banging around the roads of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, hiking Thailand, two days in Cuba and somewhere around 120 mountain top peaks had combined to kill my partner. Although I didn’t show it, there was defiantly some mourning going on. Shifting gears, it was back to the iPhone!

The iPhone view from our next hotel which was a nice upgrade, the hotel, not the camera!


You might notice that Day 3 was short on photos. In part, I was grieving the loss of my Sony partner so I took the opportunity to ride a little harder, not stoping that often to shoot pictures. The pain in my heart was replace with pain in my legs! Not to worry blog followers, I did bounce back and have tons of iPhone images to come! Captain’s log (supplemental): I just received word today from the camera repair shop that a repair can be made and it should be fixed sometime during the first week of February!

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