Year in Review, July 2019

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July was the start of three fantastic months in the Idaho backcountry with day trips and long backpacking excursions. As a result, there were countless images which I liked. I did however, narrow my favorites down to these four.

The month started on a hike with friends to the Cly Lakes. These lakes sit at about 7400 feet of elevation and that means they stay frozen until sometime in July. Perhaps not the best image ever captured but sharing the Spring thaw with friends on an amazing summer day put this one on the July favorites list.

On one morning in early July, I woke up early, and by early, I mean about 3:00 am. Feeling motivated to get some low light photography, I headed up Lick Creek Road to perhaps my favorite and most familiar place for photography, Summit Lake. Getting low light photography here in early July is a challenge since it is so close to the summer solace and this far north it never gets totally dark for long. On this particular morning, I captured some of my best images of the year. Keep in mind that this moon set image used a very slow shutter speed and that it was actually quite dark. The mist, combined with the full moon and the nearby howling wolfs made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end….. I pressed on in the name of art!!!

This previously unpublished image of Ruby was taken on the 4th of July weekend. John and I had headed out of town to escape the hoards of tourists in McCall. We camped on a small bare spot in a snow filled basin at about 8000 feet so we could climb some nearby peaks. Ruby posed for me in this sunrise shot. It’s a very slow shutter speed with a high f stop and any movement would have blurred. She is such a good model!

This is a rare self portrait taken on a multi day trip to the Squaretop Peak area. I had made coffee in the dark and headed about 5 minutes from camp to a saddle over Squaretop Lake. I shot photography for about an hour as the sunrise transformed from dark to light. It was an amazing moment of solitude, one I will never forget!

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