May brought the my return to Idaho and climbing mountains in the Payette National Forest. Below is one of the first peaks we climbed this year, Snowslide Peak. It also turned out to be one of my favorite summit images of the year. You can really get a sense of being on top of the world which is exactly how it feels when you are there. The clouds are almost close enough to touch. Although I rarely feature people in my web site photography, here is a good example where I do, John and Ruby add perspective of scale and are far enough in the distance so that the image is not about them but about the entirety of it all. Finally, you may notice that the skies are quite dramatic. Yes, I have added some detail filters here to dramatize an already dramatic sky. A new tool from my bag of tricks!

Here is a second image from May which I originally liked and then added my detail filter effect and moved it into favorite status. This image was captured on the occasion of my good friend Tom’s 60th birthday. In the background is Jughandle Mountain which we were on the way to climb. Louise Lake is in the foreground, mostly frozen with a nice reflection. We climbed the mountain, had birthday cupcakes on top then traced our route back down. By the time we returned, the clouds were completely gone and we had a bluebird day. I took more photographs with incredible reflections of the mountain but none were close to being as dramatic as this image.

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