Year in Review, February 2019

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This image was from my winter visit to McCall and a snowshoe hike with John to Snowdon Rock. The skies were brilliant and the lighting was fantastic. It allowed for a relatively quick shutter speed at a maximum F/22 aperture. This fully closed aperture gives you the starburst on the sun but usually drops your shutter speed so much that any movement is blurry. Not the case here. Unlike Ruby, I haven’t yet trained John to hold still, something he is not really good at, perhaps I need to find a treat to give him like I do with Ruby.

This image also has a couple of other things that I like in my photography. The edge distortions from the super wide angle lens makes the trees on the sides curve inward. Additionally, the wide angle makes the already dramatic skies even more dramatic. One comment I got from John’s brother was, “why does his butt look so big”. Again, the wide angle lens is not kind to asses. It’s one of several reasons you rarely see images of people in my blog. No, John’s butt has not packed on winter weight, it is a distortion effect from the lens. The closer one’s ass gets to the image side, the larger it gets. If he was centered, it would look less abnormal……

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