Year in review, January 2019

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I have returned to Texas after an amazing year of travel and adventure. This is a time of year where I take a close look at my photography and work on ways to get better. As part of that self evaluation, I am reviewing my portfolio and figuring out what I did well and what I did not do well. Additionally, since my actual active photography is taking a mini break. (primarily due to catching up on the minutia of life but also because my tripod is in for service) I have decided to post my favorite blog images from the past year……. month by month. Additionally, I will let you know why these are my favorite images.

This is a gate in Charleston, South Carolina. As part of my visit there last January, I strolled through some of the old historic neighborhoods in the French Quarter on the South side of Charleston. This old gate caught my eye with the red door behind. Very French!

What makes this one of my favorites is that a month later I was flying to Idaho and the United inflight magazine, Hemispheres, was featuring Charleston with the image below….. same gate, same door. Content validation?

This image from Cambodia features some local kids along with a young lady named Natalie who was with our tour. She wanted a picture with these local kids. I find the lighting interesting in this image but mostly I love the symbolism. You have the new tourist of which Cambodia is now catoring in Natalie, the warmth of the palm trees, the rural aspect of the cow, the third world flavor of the cart, the beautiful, hopeful and friendly young kids with so much curiosity, but also the darkness of the imposing barb wire reflecting the recent horrible past of the killing fields. A story of Cambodia in one image.

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