Smoke Jumpers, McCall, Idaho

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As many of my regular blog readers may know, we have a smoke jumping base here in McCall. Occasionally we get to see them out practicing. Today, I rode my bike right by their  landing site and decided to stick around and take some video, it did not disappoint!  Make sure you watching the entire video, it’s worth seeing the ending!

So at this point, I’m wondering, is this normal?  Do I keep filming?  Should I go help? Should I leave?  Smoke jumper a is asking smoke jumper b if he is ok, to which he responded yes followed by a long curse filled rant….. something about someone’s mother having inappropriate relations with someone else as far as I could tell….

I keep filming and shooting!


More guys kept dropping in!


Smokejumper B was still stuck in the tree and nobody seemed to want to help….


More jumpers!  Keep in mind that a good 10 or so minutes has passed since smokejumpers a and b arrived on the scene.  Notice the cursing and the branch breaking in this video.

Kinda echos through the forest don’t it!  At this point, I decided I better leave before mister b get free!



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