Idler Lakes and Peak, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Headed out early with Art, John, and Ruby (see John’s trip report here, when available, John is moving slow today! ).  Today’s 16 mile adventure started with a bike ride, then it was straight up the mountain.

David BeckMcCallDSC06866

Nick Peak in the distance, Idler Creek below.  Nick Peak always makes me think of my daughter Nik!

David BeckMcCallDSC06875

Our first lake of the day and Art set right to fishin!

David BeckMcCallDSC06884

More Lakes!

David BeckMcCallDSC06889

David BeckMcCallDSC06892

Finally, our last lake was one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, just stunning!

David BeckMcCallDSC06897

David BeckMcCallDSC06908

David BeckMcCallDSC06913

John and Ruby taking in the views of the Idler Creek Drainage!

David BeckMcCallDSC06907

Now it’s off to bag Idler Peak.

David BeckMcCallDSC06919

Art, striking his classic summit pose!  Payette Lakes in the far distance.

David BeckMcCallDSC06922

Finally, headed back down with a great view of Bear Claw, what a stunning rock mountain!


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