Roanne to Belleville, France

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Today was the queen stage of my trip to France, most elevation and one of the longer stages of the trip.  All forecasts called for cool and cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers.  As a precaution, I left the big camera in the transfer bags and just brought the iPhone for photography.  Well, it turned out that was a good decision!  It only rained 20 percent of the time but when it did, it poured!  I was often wet and cold at at one point was huddled under an awning of a closed trucking business for about an hour waiting for the rain to stop….  That being said, it was one of the most beautiful rides of the trip with quiet (wet) roads and amazing scenery!


I did not take a lot of photography because everything was wet and the phone was hard to get out of the dry place with my cold fingers.


This image shows the high point of my tour,  Col de la Casse Froide literally translates to Hill of the Broken Cold….. I was not entirely broken but was defiantly cold!  This is actually a fairly famous climb in this region.  It was about a 2000 foot decent down to the finishing town on a super cool single lane road.


Dropped back into wine county!  Today’s stage is mostly ceremonial as I bike into the finishing town of Lyon.  I expect a nice tail wind and only a little climbing as I roll in to one of my favorite cities in the world!


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