Belleville to Lyon, France

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Stayed in Belleville last night, home of the french classic animated movie “Triplets of Belleville”  well sort of!  If you have not watched that movie, its on youtube, its a must for a cyclist!  I have always thought we need whistles in cycling!  This first image is of a french chicken.  You are asking yourself, Dave, how do you know its french and whats the difference from normal chickens?  Well, I am in France and it is quite fashionable but mostly because it is eating a baguette!  It was a pet for the owners of the B&B I stayed at last night.  It was quite friendly.


Here are a couple of images of the run in to Lyon.


Ars-sur-Formans, France

David BeckLyonDSC04479

As I got closer to Lyon, about 15 kilometers out, I rode along the banks of the Saone River, it was not the run in I expected as I got close to Lyon…..


It got less primitive closer to Lyon.

David BeckLyonDSC04482David BeckLyonDSC04484

Great bike route, right into the City along the Saone River

David BeckLyonDSC04486

Now, images from around the city.  Lyon is so beautiful, I love this city, so clean and has a great vibe.

David BeckLyonDSC04490David BeckLyonDSC04497David BeckLyonDSC04502David BeckLyonDSC04503

The Notre Dame of Lyon, I think this is the most beautiful church I have ever seen and I have seen a few.   Click the link here to see my blog from last years visit up there.

David BeckLyonDSC04504David BeckLyonDSC04507

Now a view of the River Rhone. Lyon sits on of the Soane and Rhone Rivers.

David BeckLyonDSC04516

Place des Jacobins

David BeckLyonDSC04509David BeckLyonDSC04518


David BeckLyonDSC04524David BeckLyonDSC04526

Classic Lyon resturant street.  Lyon is know for producing the world’s top chefs.  If you ever get a chance to watch Anthony Bordain’s Parts Unknown for Lyon, it gives you a great history of the world cuisine influence from this city.  Its really the center of the universe from a cuisine standpoint!

David BeckLyonDSC04537

Thats it for this tour!  Next post you see from me will likely be from McCall!!!!  See y’all soon!

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