Paray-le-Monial to Roanne, France

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As anticipated, I woke up to a showery morning and shuved off without my big camera. However, I carried my camera trunk bag but it was full of heavy rain gear.   Here I am finding momentary cover under this church entry.


This is the town of Charlieu, just a super cool village in an amazingly beautiful setting, I just wish I had my big camera to take some photos.  Here is the Saturday Morning Market.


Lucky the rain remained light all morning so the heavy rain gear remained in the bag, however, I was fairly wet so stopping was not going to be an option.    Well, pee stops are mandatory, so a quick shot there!


Pee stop looking other direction.


Rolling into Roanne, I picked up another canal trail, unreal how this county used water for transport in the past!


Here is Roanne, another fine small French city just to the northwest of Lyon.



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