Loop Ride Paray-le-Monial, France

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The rain finally broke so I kitted up and headed back out the same direction I came from Cluny to shoot some proper photography.

David BeckParay le monialDSC04419David BeckParay le monialDSC04422David BeckParay le monialDSC04425David BeckParay le monialDSC04432David BeckParay le monialDSC04434

I love all these hedge lined fences.

David BeckParay le monialDSC04430David BeckParay le monialDSC04448David BeckParay le monialDSC04451

Chateau de Digoine, what a huge and beautiful estate, all I see is upkeep!

David BeckParay le monialDSC04460David BeckParay le monialDSC04467David BeckParay le monialDSC04471David BeckParay le monialDSC04472

So, that was yesterday, at 3:00am this morning, I wake up to what sounds like fireworks.  I’m thinking to myself, what weird french celebration happens at 3:00am?  It was Friday night and it could be anything.  Well, this celebration seemed to go on for a while so I get out of bed look out my window to this:


Now its kinda hard to tell what that is but its a fireman on top of a ladder truck spraying the building across the street…. turns out the popping was an electrical transformer or something.  Keep in mind, this is happening way closer than it looks!  The first thing that came to my mind was, go save your bike!!!!!!  Which, was in a garage on that side of our hotel. Right about then, the power goes out.   At this point, I could not tell if this was happening in this building, the one next door or somewhere else.  So I fumble around for my phone, turn on the flashlight, get dressed and go on a bike rescue!  This was the view outside our hotel’s front door.


The building is across the street just out of sight around the corner.  It was raging and there were firefighters everywhere.  Luckily, within 30 minutes it was all out and shortly later the power was back on…… I am happy to report the bike is fine!  I might be tired today!72332A93-AB14-4D47-8608-1B340781D6E2

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