Lons-le-Saunier to Bourg-en-Brasse, France

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Another lovely day here.  First half of the ride was on roads through pastures, forest, and hills  The ride was quiet with few cars.  The second half was less fun, on a bigger highway and although there wasn’t much traffic, the cars were moving uncomfortably fast so it turn out I just put my head down and rode hard without photo stops.  Today, the weather is supposed to turn mid-morning to rain and wind.  I’m in for an early breakfast and hitting the road to try and beat most of it.

David BeckLons Le SaunierDSC04387David BeckLons Le SaunierDSC04392David BeckLons Le SaunierDSC04395David BeckLons Le SaunierDSC04397David BeckLons Le SaunierDSC04403

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