Bourg-en Bresse to Cluny, France

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Today I was down to breakfast and on my bike super early.  The forecast called for late morning rain and lots of wind…… which is the forecast for the next couple of days.  So, the big camera was left in the luggage safe from potential rain damage and it was iPhone shots only.  The first half of today’s ride was mostly on country roads through small towns much like the last couple of days and so since I was racing the rain, I did not stop for any photos.  I reached Macon which was a very cool city, at least from my whirlwind tour along the Rhone river.  Macon reminded me a bit of Bordeaux and seemed to be a vibrant architecturally beautiful mid sized city.  Since I still had some ground to cover, I kept it rolling through the busy streets.  Near the outskirts of town, I picked up this rail to trail bike path…..Vole-Verte which runs from Macon to Charnay-sur-Saone, a distance of about 75 kilometers through the heart of some of the most beautiful country in the world!


Bike infrastructure?  Ummmm yeah, they got it.  Here is an electric tire pump and a sweet bench for my bike to take a break from this relatively hard day!


Still racing the rain but had to stop for some photos!  Notice the threatening clouds!  What you can’t see is the 25 mph wind, luckily it was mostly a tail wind today.


More infrastructure, another bench for my bike!!  Who needs a kickstand with this kind of photographer’s assistant?!?


A TUNNEL!!!!!!  How could this get any better?


A long freekin tunnel!!!!  Better!!!! I estimated it was almost 2 kilometers, and fully lighted!  This is a good time to promote my instagram account…. I posted a video there.  Checkout davefaitlemonde on instagram Dave’s PDJ which stands for Dave’s Photo de Jour.  Its all in french though.  Oh, and no, you could not see the light at the end of this tunnel for a while……soooo cool!



The sun broke out late in the day and I was able to get out around Cluny for a couple of images.  This is Le Abbeye de Cluny which is the town’s main landmark.

David BeckClunyDSC04411David BeckClunyDSC04413

Cluny is a very french small town, I loved it!  I had dinner at this nice little resturant.  Ate inside though, it was still cool and breezy.

David BeckClunyDSC04416

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