Arbois to Lons le Saunier, France

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Today was a particularly quite ride through the countryside.  The Monday after Easter in France is a holiday and the roads were empty and most of the shops and businesses were closed.  Not even the trains seem to be running.

David BeckArboisDSC04330

Poligny, France

David BeckArboisDSC04334David BeckArboisDSC04343

Now, time for some farm animals!

David BeckArboisDSC04349David BeckArboisDSC04353

This steed was checking out my steed!

David BeckArboisDSC04358

Voiteur, France

David BeckArboisDSC04370

Grangers sur Blume, France

David BeckArboisDSC04372

I had one substantial climb today and it was pretty amazing.  Single lane, good pavement, about 5 kilometers long and I had the road to myself.

David BeckArboisDSC04380David BeckArboisDSC04381

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