It is Easter today so I got a bunch of church images!

David BeckArboisDSC04268David BeckArboisDSC04271David BeckArboisDSC04302David BeckArboisDSC04308David BeckArboisDSC04315David BeckArboisDSC04322David BeckArboisDSC04323

A special note on these video clips, apparently they don’t come through for my email subscribers, you need to log onto my blog page to watch the videos.


Ok, now that I have the churches out of the way, here is a little bit about the route.  It was by far the best route of the trip, incredible roads and bikeways!  As always, the countryside is criss-crossed with bike routes and they are all signed very well.IMG_2611David BeckArboisDSC04264

So I stopped in this small town of Liesle and parked my bike against this cross.  I shot images of the town’s church, then took a few minutes to eat and enjoy the moment.  Well, that cross must have taken notice and blessed me and my bike because the next hour and a half was some of the best roads I have ever ridden!!  If only my images could do it justice!

David BeckArboisDSC04273David BeckArboisDSC04274David BeckArboisDSC04280David BeckArboisDSC04289David BeckArboisDSC04291David BeckArboisDSC04293David BeckArboisDSC04281

Port-Lesney, France

David BeckArboisDSC04301David BeckArboisDSC04305

Now, a few images of Arbois, France  Home of Louis Pasteur and a nice statue tribute in town.

David BeckArboisDSC04313David BeckArboisDSC04319David BeckArboisDSC04325



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