Loop Ride out of Beaune, France

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Wine Country!

David BeckBeauneDSC04024

Lots of these rock walls, as far as I can tell, the ground was originally fairly rocky and as the farmers picked the rocks from the field they decided to build these wall along the edges of the fields.  Makes for fun photography!  Yes, this is actually a road but it sure seems like a bike path!

David BeckBeauneDSC04028

Classic French kilometer marker, these are on almost all the roads.  D-17 is the road number and 55 is the kilometer.  D stands for department.David BeckBeauneDSC04031

According to these road signs, the deer here are much more agile and elegant than North American deer.  I have yet to see one and confirm this fact.

David BeckBeauneDSC04032

French donkey or in french: ânesse…. yes it is pronounced just like it looks.David BeckBeauneDSC04040David BeckBeauneDSC04041

My trusty steed, please notice the George’s water bottles and when in Boise, visit the friendly folks at George’s for all your cycling needs!  I DO!  I must say that I am super happy with my bike bag setup!  Notice the camera bag on the seat post and the frame bag for all my extra gear.

David BeckBeauneDSC04046

Saint-Romain, France

David BeckBeauneDSC04048David BeckBeauneDSC04056

A couple images of Baubigny, France

David BeckBeauneDSC04060David BeckBeauneDSC04063David BeckBeauneDSC04068

Chateau de La Rochepot

David BeckBeauneDSC04074

Rochepot, France

David BeckBeauneDSC04079David BeckBeauneDSC04081

In Nolay, I jumped on this super sweet rail to trail!!!

David BeckBeauneDSC04082David BeckBeauneDSC04083David BeckBeauneDSC04094David BeckBeauneDSC04102

My model!

David BeckBeauneDSC04104


David BeckBeauneDSC04114David BeckBeauneDSC04120David BeckBeauneDSC04126

My tribute to Good Friday and Easter Weekend!

David BeckBeauneDSC04137

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