Sunrise in Beaune!

David BeckDoleDSC04140

Headed almost due east today into a gentle headwind almost all day long.  Temperature is very comfortable.

David BeckDoleDSC04149David BeckDoleDSC04153

The landscape was fairly average but the clouds were great!

David BeckDoleDSC04157David BeckDoleDSC04165_1David BeckDoleDSC04167

These yellow fields are everywhere in France right now, the warm weather over the last week has made them explode.  They are rapeseed which is a vegetable oil.

David BeckDoleDSC04177David BeckDoleDSC04180

Saint Jean de Losne on the Saone River.

David BeckDoleDSC04182David BeckDoleDSC04189

Super sweet bike path along the river for a goodly amount of time.

David BeckDoleDSC04186

Some images around Dole on this beautiful Spring day!

David BeckDoleDSC04193

Same shot, different angle and different lens.

David BeckDoleDSC04219David BeckDoleDSC04194David BeckDoleDSC04196David BeckDoleDSC04197

Collegianle Notre Dame.

David BeckDoleDSC04209David BeckDoleDSC04213

Same shot, different lens.

David BeckDoleDSC04217

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