Nuits-Saint-George to Beaune, France

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Finally caught up!  Today, I had another loop ride up into the hills above the Burgundy wine region.  As you get higher in elevation, the vineyards are all on the south slopes and forest is on the north sides.  You will see lots of quite road images today, there was one hour in my ride today where I did not see one person, much less a car!

David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03979David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03977David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03983David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03986

Here is one thing I love about France, they love their bread!  Its dang good bread too!  Your bread bowl at the evening dinner, never runs dry!  So hypothetically say you are out for a ride with your buddy Mike Cooley and he tells you its a 70 mile ride….. half way in, you are feeling a little bonky and you realize that its actually a 130 mile ride!  Wouldn’t you love to run across one of these!!!!!   Yes folks, that is a baguette vending machine out here in the middle of nowhere!!!!


Dropping back in the main valley here and its another 15 miles south of Dijon.  Now the wineries are everywhere!!!David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03995David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03993David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03996David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03997David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC04006David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC04012

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