Nuits-Saint-George, France

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I woke up fairly early Wednesday morning, had breakfast and headed out for a ride.  It was a chilly and foggy morning and I didn’t want to miss the photography as the fog lifted.  Heading out into the hills of Burgundy, you quickly climb out of the vineyards and get into more pasture and other agricultural then eventually climb into the forested areas.  As you drop back down into the valleys, you go all  the way down back into the vineyards.

David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03870David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03873

As the fog lifted, it made for some interesting shots.David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03879David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03880David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03884

Here is a horse photo, I know some of my followers like horses!

David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03888

And of course, here is my steed!  With the horses artfully placed in the background!

David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03890David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03892

More small villages!David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03901David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03908David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03916

Here is a wildlife shot!  As an amateur photographer, this is about the only wildlife I am qualified to shoot and it allows me time to get my camera settings just right!  Tune into tomorrow’s blog to find out why the snail crossed the road!  Did I mention that escargots are on every menu here?  I tried some and they are good!!David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03921David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03924

Finally, a couple shots around Nuit-Saint-George.  I returned here after the day’s ride.

David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03933David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03937David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03938

Same door, different lens.David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03976David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03946David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03952David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03957

Here is an attempt at a moon image….David BeckNuits-Saint-GeorgeDSC03972

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