A day exploring the town of Montbeliard.  This village is the home of Peugeot, makers of bikes, cars, washing machines, coffee grinders, etc.  We visited the museum of Peugeot and found an array of mechanical devices.


A car that you drive with a stick!


Birds eye view of Montbeliard


Flowers, lots of flowers!

David BeckColmarDSC03580David BeckColmarDSC03598David BeckColmarDSC03588David BeckColmarDSC03626

Random window image.

David BeckColmarDSC03585

A few sights from the stroll home from dinner.

David BeckColmarDSC03606David BeckColmarDSC03608David BeckColmarDSC03616David BeckColmarDSC03614

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