Montbéliard to Besançon, France

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Today’s ride took us along the Doubs River and the adjacent Rhone to Rhine Canal, mostly on quiet bike paths but occasionally on quiet country roads.  We have essentially been on the same bike path for about 140 kilometers.  Its part of Veloroute 6.  The European Veloroute system is a fast network of marked and signed cycling routes which criss-cross Europe.  A similar concept to the Interstate Highway System of the US only for bikes!  Veloroute 6 starts on the Atlantic coast of France and runs east to the Black Sea.  Its length is about 3600 kilometers.

The landscape photography has been a bit of a challenge as it is quite hazy.  The skys are washed out in most of the images.  Its been quite cold too.  A cold front pushed through yesterday and our lows are near 30 and highs in the upper 40s.  I’m used to those temps but I feel bad for Nik, but as you all know, she is one tough cookie!

David BeckMontbeliardDSC03635David BeckMontbeliardDSC03636David BeckMontbeliardDSC03648David BeckMontbeliardDSC03646David BeckMontbeliardDSC03649David BeckMontbeliardDSC03652David BeckMontbeliardDSC03656David BeckMontbeliardDSC03663David BeckMontbeliardDSC03667David BeckMontbeliardDSC03668David BeckMontbeliardDSC03671David BeckMontbeliardDSC03674

Notice the roof on this church, the patterned tiles are a trademark of this region.  You will see it more and more as we approach Dijon today.David BeckMontbeliardDSC03677

Besançon is a vibrant city, much bigger than we expected.

David BeckBesamconDSC03694David BeckBesamconDSC03678David BeckBesamconDSC03707

Of course we are entering the Roman Empire area and no city would be complete without old ass ruins!David BeckBesamconDSC03703

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