Colmar to Montbeliard, France

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Here is my second post for the day, we arrived at our hotel here in Montbeliard to better internet so I can play a little catchup!  We had a 100 kilometer ride today.  It started with mostly the flat farm fields and small villages between the Rhine River and the Vosge Mountain Range to the West.  I felt right at home here are there were lots of potato fields!


Of course no french region would be complete without some vineyards!

David BeckColmarDSC03491

David BeckColmarDSC03487

David BeckColmarDSC03493

The first part of our ride today looked a lot like this, flat quiet roads through the countryside.

David BeckColmarDSC03494

Even the churches here have a german influence architecturally.  Nicole and I knew we were going to be quickly passing from this german influenced region into the much more  french influenced Franche Comte region located between Alsace and Burgundy.  We came up with a rating system from 1 to 10 with 1 being French influence and 10 being German influence…… this one is an 8.5.

David BeckColmarDSC03496

Route pictures with my amazing bike!  Check out the setup with camera bag on the back and frame bag underneath.  Oversized tires gives me a super sweet ride!

David BeckColmarDSC03500

Never enough bike pics!  Here is a shot with Nik’s e-bike setup.

David BeckColmarDSC03504David BeckColmarDSC03544

Spring is everywhere!  What do you think of this quiet country road?David BeckColmarDSC03518

The second half of our ride was along the Canal From Rhone to Rhine which as you might guess, connects the Rhone to the Rhine Rivers.  Again, a fascinating engineering marvel which makes this old water engineer happy.


David BeckColmarDSC03526

French fisherman.David BeckColmarDSC03520

Its hard to tell from this image but this is a series of about 10 lockes that basically climb to the top of this hill.  We are standing near the top of the ridge between the Rhone and the Rhine, looking back at the Rhine.David BeckColmarDSC03534

As we approached Montbeliard, we found many more cyclist and of course a few racing dogs.David BeckColmarDSC03541David BeckColmarDSC03553

Here, I am standing on the canal bank looking at the adjacent river.  Unfortunately, I did not get an image with both the canal and the L’allan River, but they parallel each other for quite a while.

David BeckColmarDSC03557David BeckColmarDSC03555

This image shows the complicated charging station set up when we arrived at our next hotel, this shows only Nicoles stuff!  We are charging e-bike batteries, 2 cell phones, a Gopro, Sony camera, Garmin, Apple watch, headphones, and a computer….  there was a brown-out here in the local region yesterday evening.

IMG_2393 2




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