Perhaps no image depicts Colmar better than this one!  It is a small village located only a couple miles from the German boarder in a French region called Alsane.  Alsane is the boarder area with Germany that has gone back and forth over the centuries from French control to German control.  As you can see from this image, the architecture has a dramatic german influence and so does the beverage selection.

IMG_2360 2

Nicole and I spent a rainy day here in preparation for our bike tour to begin.  We toured the town and shot local sights and sounds, me with my iPhone, as I didn’t want to carry my nice camera in the rain, and her with a Gopro which is of course, waterproof.

David BeckColmarDSC03483David BeckColmarDSC03482

The Colmar train station.IMG_2346

Of course the spring flowers are everywhere!


Historic water tower which make this old water engineer happy.  Of course the french can’t build just a water tower, it has to be a water tower with flair!!!!  This one dates to circa 1880.


Here is one for my friend Richard back in Boise, the seat probably takes a while to get used too but knowing Richard, probably not long!






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