Today, I revisit the subject of taking your bike to France, in particular, the burden of traveling with one’s bike……  It looks so innocent sitting in its box, all packed up and ready to go!


Here, we are laid over in the Charles de Gaulle airport Starbucks, waiting for our train to Strasbourg.


Here we are at the Strasbourg train station, awaiting our connection to Colmar.


And finally at our destination here in Colmar!  Now, the fact of the matter is that I had several other great images which dramatically documented the incredible pain in the ass of traveling with this box.  I likened it to the parenting exercise which many teenagers are subjected to as a lesson on the difficulties of having children….. the one where they carry around a 12 pound bag of rice for a couple of days.  Careful what you ask for!  However, the hotel which we are stay has the worst internet in Europe and perhaps the world so I am unable to upload all my photos.  Since I am not an internet troll, I will not name this hotel.   Anyway, my blog readers will need to survive without my pictorial story of shlepping a 35 pound bike box.  We made it safe in sound to the start of our bike journey.  Today I assemble my steed and tomorrow its day 1 of the Tour de Burgundy!  Many more photos and better internet are surely in our future!





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