Les printemps Voyage à Bourgogne, France!!!

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My annual spring voyage to France has started, this year, I’m bringing my own bike, completing a dream I’ve had for nearly 15 years, to ride my own bike in cycling heaven!  I’m sure that sounds weird to many folks, but most dedicated cyclists understand the feeling of comfort and bliss you find riding your favorite bike in a new and beautiful place!  This bike, the one in this box, a Specialized S-Works Crux, is being retired to pasture, I’m leaving it in France, storing it with my touring company where it will be there to greet me every Spring and Fall, like a youthful Labrador puppy greeting its owner after a long road trip…..or maybe I’m the puppy and it’s the owner!!!


Just over a year ago, I sat in this exact chair.  I was literally a broken man.  You can see the blog post here. https://davefaitlemonde.com/2018/03/26/and-so-the-voyage-begins/

That trip was literally one of the hardest things I ever did, coming so quickly after my accident but like many hard things in life, it made me a better person.  Hopefully this trip won’t be so hard!   Au revoir pour maintenant mes amis !





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