The Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show, Houston, Texas

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Quite possibly the the largest event of its kind in the world!  The Houston rodeo runs for 3 weeks and has a total attendant of more than 1.5 million people…. This thing is big!  That is The Astrodome on the left side which sits right next to NRG.


The livestock area and vendor booths go forever, it’s like Interbike for cowboys.



Everything is bigger in Texas!





All these people and all this money pouring into this event, a corn dog was 7 bucks!   We were struck at how athletic the rodeo cowboys were but mostly at their prize money.  The top bronc busting cowboy had amassed $5000 after 6 days of work, he gimped his way to pick up a prize which was a commemorative cooler.  Most cowboys in that event had won nothing….  Almost as lucrative as pro bike riding in the USA!  A tough way to make a living!









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