Déjà Vu! Charleston, South Carolina

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In French, deja vu literally translates to “already seen”.  While flying United Recently, I happed upon the February issue of Hemispheres, their in flight magazine.   For my frequent blog flyers, you might recalled that I visited Charleston in January and posted this blog: https://davefaitlemonde.com/2019/01/20/charleston-south-carolina-2/

To my surprise,  The new Hemispheres addition came out February 1st and featured, you guessed it,  Charleston!


Now, keep in mind, Charleston is a fairly large city with rows and rows of beautiful houses and gardens.  It was quite a surprise when I ran across these photos!


Here are are similar images I posted on January 20th!

david beckcharlestondsc02788david beckcharlestondsc02790

Talk about déjà vu!  There was another seen they used which of which I took an image did not post.




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